Flexible, Accurate, Results Oriented Solutions for COI Compliance

CertFocus is your trusted partner in providing the highest level of compliance possible in the Certificate of Insurance Industry. CertFocus in partnership with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) offers our clients a COI management solution that delivers the most flexible, accurate, and reliable results in the industry.

Certificate of Insurance Management

When it comes to ensuring certificate of insurance compliance from vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, tenants, and franchisees, CertFocus sets the industry standard. CertFocus works with each customer to design and develop a customized compliance platform to ensure that your specific needs are being met. With a strong U.S. based infrastructure, flexible software solutions, and dedicated CIC, CRIS, CISR and CPCU credentialed account managers; CertFocus delivers the most comprehensive COI management solution in the industry.

Vendor & Sub-Contractor Prequalification

The marriage of certificate of insurance compliance data along with the performance track record and the financial capacity scorecard of subcontractors and vendors has become the cross-industry standard for the assurance of risk transfer. With PreQual services by CertFocus our customers can access the prequalification data and scorecards of vendors and sub-contractors inside of the award winning CertFocus dashboard. PreQual by CertFocus makes it easier to identify performance, financial, and insurance risk in a single view and to enable controls to help your organization better manage your supply chain risk exposure.

Data Integration

Worried about taking on another platform? CertFocus’ solutions can integrate with just about any system. To aid you in your risk transfer program, CertFocus makes it easy to share compliance data with your accounting, contract management, procurement, and other in house systems. This makes it easier for our customers to get value from our solutions and helps us create stronger working relationships with our clients.


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